Let me introduce myself- Founder Allyson

Hi and welcome to a girl on a soapbox, I decided to start a blog about important issues we are all facing in a hope that we can bridge the divide. I am considered a conservative, I am also a sister, daughter, mother, friend, business owner, and a woman. I grew up in the early age of electronics, I am considered a millennial being born in 1983 however I am an older millennial in the subcategory of Xennial. I spent my formative years growing up in a religious household, with divorced parents. I attended parochial school as well as public school and eventually attended a Southern Baptist College. I am the oldest child of 6 children, as well as the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. Growing up my family was always very vocal about where they stood politically, we are republicans! So naturally, I grew up to be a yup you guessed it a republican. Over the years I have been quiet about my personal standpoint on political issues but in the more recent years, I have begun to speak my mind. I get a lot of push back from friends and acquaintances who are more liberal (Democrats) but what I have found is that the more we talk about the issues the more our thought processes align, interesting isn't that. So as I began talking politics with friends and acquaintances I started to see a pattern, and what began to form was that we, and when I say we I mean liberals, moderates and conservatives really have the same basic principles at the heart of the matter, now I am not saying that we agree 100% but that there is more a middle ground that both the left and the right ignore.

Our political leaders are taking the power away from us the people. I do believe that we as a country have the ability to become a great nation once again and that we are not so far gone yet that we can't take back the power as the people. We do however have to start addressing the real issues and no I am not talking about abortion, religious freedom, gender issues, or gun control just to name a few, those are all the issues pushed upon us by the political powers to keep us from seeing what is really going on. What I am talking about is the grab of power they are taking by forcing us to become dependent on the government. As we begin to dive into this all I want to encourage everyone to be respectful, I want to hear what you have to say, I want to be able to have a free and open dialog with everyone but hate speech, and derogatory comments will be ignored and banned. The more I speak with my openly liberal friends and family members, it is obvious that lies we are all being fed from the mainstream media and the censorship of social platforms. So with all that said let's jump in!

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