Muddy Waters- Allyson

I have a really hard time listening to our politicians slinging mud at each other. I call it slinging mud but the real reality is that our political figures are bullying. These men and woman elected officials are nothing but bullies. Now our children are witnessing adults bullying each other, cutting down and ostracizing one another. Now we have all these anti-bully policies in schools, we live in the technology age leading to another form of bully called cyber bullying. We have our children who are committing suicide because they are bullied. Yet all across our media those same children who are being bullied and the bullies witness adults, powerful figureheads in our government have no repercussions for their actions, this ladies and gentlemen do not give hope for those children who are being bullied and those doing the bullying get the sense that their actions wont be punished, and when they do it is nothing more then a slap on the wrist, maybe they get in school suspension or maybe a full suspension but they eventually will return to school.

Not only are we currently living in a pandemic but we are also looking at multiple epidemics. Yes COVID has impacted all our lives in various ways, but folks we have the so much more to be worried about as well. We hear talks all the time about the bullying epidemic, or the opioid crisis, the housing crisis, it seems that no matter where we turn everything is so negative. No one has really given any real solution to any of these problems, instead what we see is each party attacking the other, when they should be coming together, working together to solve the problems everyone agrees exist. That in and of itself is another problem all on its own. The hard truth about it all is that no matter what issue you try to address circles back to the division in this country and the divide the between parties, when what needs to happen is everyone working together for the greater good, and I don't just mean what one party feels is best what is actually best, time to get the lobbyists out of politics.

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